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Juan is a developer, data scientist, and doctoral researcher at the University of Buenos Aires where he studies social networks, AI, and NLP. Juan has more than a decade of data science experience and has published papers at ML conferences including SPIRE and ICCS. Joao is an AI developer with more than 10 years of experience at Fortune 100 companies like Procter & Gamble and startups in the healthcare, energy, and finance industries. Joao holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Porto and has multiple certifications in ML and deep learning. Mudassir is a full-stack software engineer specializing in JavaScript frameworks and libraries. He has built many React apps as a senior engineer and has worked across the globe at companies like SAP, Bit, Kwanso, and VoicePing.

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This blog post is a summary of a presentation that I made at the Archimydes Mastermind Event that happened on 17th Dec 2020. As the generation that grew up with technology, Gen Z is the perfect demographic to teach us about AI’s future. The traits and characteristics that developers will need to succeed in the future. Living in the global village we are exposed to new technology every now and then. To keep up with technological revolutions, innovation has become a key survival skill. Businesses all over the world are revamping their working techniques and most of them have moved to the online world.

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Staff roles and responsibilities in tech are… well, let’s just say…not well defined. So I’ve found a great way to learn about this space has been from the people that worked in those positions — and NOT from company descriptions. Staff Eng interviews staff engineers working throughout the tech industry to hear their challenges and stories. Log Rocket has an awesome product that lets developers quickly review the sessions of users on their site, helping to debug and fix issues. Their developer blog has content for all-around web dev, managing your career, and for devs looking to upgrade their engineering skills.

software technology blog

It’s focused on technical content that’s actually relevant rather than filling their blog with random fluff to increase views. What makes CodeBetter different from other blogs is that they avoid writing about stuff that does not work and spend time criticizing it. The need for software developers is spreading in every industry from healthcare to manufacturing to automobiles to aviation, not to mention marketing and management. Hence, it is necessary to learn new trends and techniques every time they are introduced. In case, if you are a bit stressed out about gathering the required information, you must not skip this article.

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On top of this, the information provided in Catonmat is easily accessible &  comprehendible for both experts & beginners. Scott Hanselman launched the blog in 2005, and his posts range from informative to humorous to topical — including recent industry insights and breaking news. Hanselman is one of the industry’s stars as well as stalwart developer of Microsoft’s Web Platform Team.

  • Often, it becomes challenging for developers to get access to authentic resources.
  • There are a few guest posts, but most of the content comes directly from Fowler.
  • Martin is a longtime industry expert of ThoughtWorks and editor of the site.
  • The psychology of decision-making is really fascinating, and I feel like, just from reading Farnam, I’ve elevated my skills in this area.
  • In this post, I talk about Global State Management in React; the what, why, and how of it.