UltiFire FireWire IEEE 1394 FAQ and Information, Synchrotech

It’s a bit misleading to say SCSI is/was peer to peer. Yes, any device could address any other, but in the communication between any two devices there was a clear separation between initiator and target roles. AEN, which might have been used e.g. for targets to notify initiators of fan or power faults, was limited and rarely even implemented. To the extent that IEEE-1394 storage used the SCSI command set, it would have had the same limitations. Firewire is such a cool bus, it’s a shame it fell out of favor.

I have two FW800s daisy-chained in mirrored RAID for continuous backup. Connected together, resulting in a 72m connection. Which is the maximum bandwidth provided by USB 1.1.

Are there any performance hints for connecting multiple devices?

Sound is working but cannot get into menus to choose any settings etc. I have read that the Steinberg UR series has sample rate switching issues. I am installing win 10 now so will verify if this is a general issue or DAW specific. This unit has been working fine with this pc until I took the pc into this repair shop for them to remove the virus.

  • The first version of FireWire works at speeds of 400 Mbits/sec, and the newer FireWire 800 supports twice that speed.
  • Cubase LE 4 took some time to install as it required registration via Cubase and a validation process via Synchrosoft .
  • Now you have a 400 Mbit/sec connection between your machines…

Although Download Here development started before the USB, FireWire wasn’t introduced into their computers until 1999. This interface is also known https://driversol.com/drivers/firewire by the name i.LINK and LYNX . This is a 2×3.5″ case. It’s too bulky to be useful for 2.5″ SSDs. It’s too expensive and no faster and a plain USB3 case when you put two 3.5″ HDDs.

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It brings desktop-quality graphics to Windows 10 or Mac laptops, and is of particular interest to gamers, video and graphics editors. EGPUs require huge bandwidth making Thunderbolt 3 the only practical way to offload high-end graphics processing to an external device at a reasonable price. You can purchase an eGPU enclosure and add your own graphics card, or you can buy the enclosure and card as a bundle. Most eGPUs also include additional USB ports and spare slots. Daisy-Chaining – Thunderbolt lets you connect a Thunderbolt-enabled monitor to the laptop’s Thunderbolt port and a second monitor to the first via a Thunderbolt cable.

The latency will probably be too high for most users. This is a very common issue with FireWire DSP accelerators, as the buffer settings required in all DAWs for stable operation are too high to be used in a tracking workflow. Therefore, we recommend using UAD-2 Satellite in the mixing and mastering stages of your workflow, where latency is less of an issue. Why would you worry about a slower chain during video capture, what else should you do simultaneously? This little port is essentially a deal breaker for thousands of people just like me.