Most Popular Java Web Frameworks in 2023

It is the perfect example of a microframework which is essentially a web software development framework that strives to be as minimal as possible. Written with Java and Scala, Play is considered to be one of the modern web application frameworks. The underlying aim of this framework is to optimize developer productivity by using convention over configuration, hot code reloading and display of errors in the browser. The framework follows the MVC architecture and calls itself as “The High Velocity Web Framework”.

  • Our data shows that Node.js is the most popular backend framework, with 16,624 job ads mentioning Node.js in the month leading up to the date of our data collection.
  • A popular front-end web framework, Vue.js shines because of its compact size and fast download and loading times.
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  • This Sinatra based framework is a great alternative to other frameworks based on Ruby including Ruby on Rails, Nitro, and Camping.
  • Active Server Pages which later came to be known as Classic ASP or ASP Classic is the first server side script engine from Microsoft that is used for dynamically generated web pages.
  • React offers the best server-side rendering and excellent SEO support when compared to other frontend frameworks.

Laravel also comes with built-in security that includes password storage and encryption. Since Django has been built with Python—a good beginner programming language—new and experienced web developers alike can pick up this framework quickly. Every year, new frameworks are introduced, and current frameworks fall out of favor. The best option depends on the developer or designer and their particular project needs. Read our guide to learn which of the most popular web frameworks would best fit your needs.

Most Popular Web Frameworks for Development

With the rise in the standards of web applications, it is absolutely irrational to recreate such refined techniques. Also, web developers have to keep an eye on the latest trends relevant to the best frameworks. According to BuiltWith, more than 36K live websites have been developed with Ember. As per W3Techs, Ember is used by 0.1% of the websites that prefer using JavaScript libraries. According to Enlyft, Ember.js has a market share of 0.2% among all the software frameworks.

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The blade is designed to be simple and intuitive, making it a good choice for developers new to templating engines. Allows developers to build SSR applications, providing faster page load times and better SEO. As per Statista, Node.js surpassed React.js to become the most widely used web development framework among software developers globally in 2022. Based on the survey, 47.12 percent reported utilizing Node.js, whereas 42.62 percent used React.js. With JetBrains Rider, .NET Code Profiler, Visual Studio Code, and other excellent developer tools, it provides a seamless and fast application development experience.


Right now, we do not have a great use for them, but they might come handy when expanding the app. To add a table to our database with Ecto, we need to create a migration. In comparison to some other large web frameworks, Phoenix is relatively tame.

While design credentials are paramount to Laravel apps, performance is somewhat lacking behind the competition. Remarkably, the framework’s performance claims hold up well java mobila in benchmark testing. CherryPy delivers results that place it in joint 3rd amongst our frameworks and alongside much weightier options when it comes to deployment.

Phoenix: An Introduction to Elixir’s Web Framework

Put another way, React.js was downloaded more than jQuery, Bootstrap, and Angular combined. The top two frameworks on our list were downloaded more times than the other eight frameworks on our list combined. You can view the npm trends dashboard we created for our analysis, which accounted for data as of April 11th, 2021 at the time of writing.

The framework is written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. Quite popularly referred to, as RoR, Ruby on Rails has emerged as one of the favorites among the web developers today. Since its launch in 2005, RoR is still completely free to use, is open source, and runs on Linux. It is fun to work with and is remarkably quick in getting you through the planning stage and on to the developmental stage. Some of the biggest websites that were built using RoR include Hulu, Airbnb, Basecamp among others.

Highest Performing Web Framework Benchmarks

However, it may be the perfect choice if you’re looking for an elegant yet simple foundation for building web applications. As such, it can provide you with an expedited and streamlined process of creating applications based on Node.js. It’s considered a progressive option that includes a component architecture, and a scalable ecosystem that’s useful for building front-end applications. Apache Cocoon or Cocoon as it is often called, is a web application framework is based on the concepts of pipeline, separation of concerns and component-based web development. The primary focus of this Java based framework is on XML and XSLT publishing. As it relies heavily on XML, there is a certain flexibility about it which helps with rapid content publishing in multiple formats including HTML, PDF, and WML.

Backbone.js is a lightweight front-end web development framework designed to provide structure to web applications. It is based on the Model-View-Controller architecture pattern and allows developers to build dynamic and responsive user interfaces easily. ASP.NET is a popular open-source web development framework that can be used to create dynamic web applications for PCs and mobile devices. It was created by Microsoft to keep up with the latest trends in web development, so that programmers could create dynamic websites, applications, and services.


Spring is a minimalistic web framework in terms of size and transparency. It utilizes the concept of Plain Old Java Objects to reduce overall development time and helps in the efficient utilization of resources. It is the best framework for building highly scalable web apps, microservice architectures, and serverless computing. It was introduced in 2014 as the best alternative to Angular and React for building SPAs and creating visually appealing user interfaces. It’s a progressive JavaScript framework that has combined the excellent traits of Angular and React.js . As a result, this is one of the most popular frameworks used widely for building responsive web applications.

most productive web framework

Django applications are SEO-friendly and easy to optimize because they are maintained through URLs rather than IP addresses. Using templates, embed.js automatically updates the model whenever the content of the application changes. A complete front end stack is provided by Ember JS, including a router, services, and asset pipeline. The router is a core feature of Ember.js, which is used to manage URLs. But, before we begin diving into these web development frameworks, let us first understand what exactly is a Web Framework and why they are important. Ask questions and post articles about the Go programming language and related tools, events etc.

Top 10 Web Development Frameworks

Discovered by David Heinemeier Hansson, Ruby on Rails applications are generally ten times faster. It is one of the best backend frameworks as it comprises everything that is needed to form a database-driven application. Flask is considered one of the best Python web frameworks to build modern and robust web applications.