Asperger’s Syndrome: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment


As early-diagnosed and early-treated children with AS come of age, we hope that tomorrow’s adults with AS will be better prepared to enter the workforce—but the data is not yet in. Today, many adults are connecting with the AS diagnosis, which was not available to them as children, precisely because they are seeking explanations for and assistance with their problems in the workplace. Adults with AS should seek work in fields that do not require a great deal of “mind reading” or empathy. We think that most adults with AS who succeed at work are in roles that allow them to work independently most of the time, and have minimal responsibilities for or to unfamiliar people (i.e. the public or supervises).

Sportsmen & Fitness Coach undergo rigorous What Employers Need To Know About Aspergers Syndrome regimens, strict diet schedules, exhaustive physical activities, nerve-racking pressure to perform well, coupled with the regular stress of daily living. Some of the most traumatic scenes can develop in the emergency sections , which can be viewed by autistic people as being too intense. Depending on the extent of their cognitive abilities, autistic workers can get easily stressed.

The Employer’s Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome

If you have the diagnosis, you can talk to HR about how to do what’s required despite the disability and visit If you would like to read my future posts then please click ‘Follow’ at the top of this article and feel free to comment and share this article as you please. The Ubisoft’s Lead Programmer, Gavin Whitlock, came towards me and spent a lot of time talking to me about my game. I should have spoken about what I have done but instead I spoke to him about what I wanted to do. I am at the end of the showcase table and I am nervous because I have seen the other games. I told her I was stuck with something, she said she will go and get Scott to help me.

  • One of the key advantages is that people with Asperger syndrome tend to be very honest and have a strong sense of morality.
  • We all know, and some have lived at some level, the risk of backlash from supervisors and co-workers.
  • Small talk, picking up what others are thinking, and being imaginative about solving problems are challenging for these individuals.
  • When you tell them, be clear about the types of accommodations you need.
  • There’s not always a need to go so deep with these things.
  • Enlightening – You’ll learn things that will inform and improve your decisions.

He has personal couch, on strict diet, green super drink with probiotic, CBD oil, loin’s mane mushroom, exercise, plays piano, goes to church and social activities and family support. Customers who are confrontational can sometimes discourage autistic workers. As a former store employee, whenever I heard a customer raise his or her voice in conversations with me, it would cause me to freeze and have a blank reaction to their hostility. No matter what grade you teach in, you will need to develop an understanding of what your students’ tendencies are like and how you can help them improve in the classroom. Autistic adults / Aspergers are generally shy and have initial challenges being sociable.


If the application has such a spot, there is where you should mention whatever reasonable accommodations may be needed to enable you to perform the required tasks and duties of the job. So giving them a chance to know you the individual is immensely valuable. I’m in the same boat as you, the difference is that I told my employer during the interview process, and I really wished that I hadn’t. I thought the same as you, that they would see the strengths that I bring and it would help the process. But, it ended up being a pity party that made me feel like I was different, and not in a good way.

  • The job of a receptionist requires a lot of soft skills and to be sociable, something some people with Autism / Aspergers might not have.
  • When students with AS get appropriate support, their intelligence, talent, original ideas and wonderful, offbeat humor can shine forth for teachers and peers to savor and appreciate.
  • You just have to accept that in some teams, being obsessed with order, for example, is just not going to work for anyone .
  • You can also ask for additional clarification if appropriate.
  • Your autism diagnosis doesn’t matter at this point and could end up distracting them from being able to focus on the strengths you bring to the job.
  • You can’t ask an employer to make this work, based on your asperger’s, you just have to suss out, like we all do, whether you and the employer are a good match.
  • The challenges of Asperger Syndrome and employment often go hand-in-hand.

Therefore, this issue is probably not a huge obstacle to employment for most people with AS, but may remain a substantial consideration for some. In part, we will use what we have learned about how to help children with AS succeed in school, and adapt those insights and techniques to meet the needs of adults in the workplace. I never really find it that hard and I say it with pride, because I am called a Gem and a Treasure and for that I really do appreciate my Aspergers. IS it common for people with my syndrome to feel this way? Cause i never do, sometimes it’s even a sentence starter. I’ve struggled my whole adult life with relationships in both the workplace and my personal life.

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Attention to detail was considered a positive aspect with regards to accuracy and quality of work, but could often affect the speed at which Asperger’s employees complete their tasks. Managers also reported exemplary timekeeping as a positive, but inflexibility and a dislike of change presented challenges. The issue of disclosure for individuals with obvious disabilities – a person who walks with leg braces or crutches, for instance – is presented immediately upon meeting with a potential employer.

Can you be a genius with Aspergers?

Those with Asperger's syndrome, in contrast, must by definition have suffered no cognitive delay during their first 3 years of life. This means that they will usually have at least a “normal” IQ. In some cases, their IQ may be very high, even in the genius range.

For example, she might work well by recording tasks on a template she creates with visuals, spacing or organization that makes good sense to her. Don’t let the “diagnosis” be a defining characteristic of your employee; it is one aspect of who this person is. The diagnosis becomes important for you to know when it helps you to help her shine on the job. As a principal of Forward Motion Coaching, Barbara Bissonnette teaches workers and organizations how to handle issues surrounding high-functioning autism in the workplace. I would like more information on whether these two things are comorbid. Do you have other material on AS and seizures or other experts you can direct me to?

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If benefits are denied, some explanation is provided about the thinking behind the decision. The letter may report that the impairments are not severe, or are not expected to be disabling for at least twelve months, or do not preclude simple work situations. These doctors are well informed about Social Security disability requirements, but may not have any particular expertise about AS. If you have not had relevant treatment, or your records are unavailable or are unclear about your functioning or limitations, DDS will arrange for a consultative examination at their expense.

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10 Fulfilling Jobs for Autistic People

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They can simply not offer you the job and not mention that it’s anything to do with the ASD, it’s not fair but it happens. Needless to say, I got the job and have been at it for almost a year now. But HR, my boss, and others treat me like rain man apparently. I get invited to tons of meetings because of my “unique perspective” on the world.