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A team should not be interrupted by, for example, a line manager, HR or even the CEO. You’ll notice that some of these are not dissimilar from Agile’s own principles, but with a bias towards ideas applicable to multiple teams working together. This classic approach is similar to the sequential and “big-batch” approach to software development , where change is an exception that is tightly managed by many change control bodies. The Regional Product Owner of LeSS Huge supports Product Owners and is critical to connect business requirements (financials, etc.) with development teams.

large-scale scrum (LeSS)

LeSS has a single product backlog and product owner. Although the team may be made up of several teams, they work together as a scrum team to deliver a common product at each sprint’s end. LeSS allows multiple teams to work together, even though one product owner is responsible for a single product backlog. LeSS Huge is a special case where the product owner role has been expanded to include product owners who coordinate and collaborate with many teams. The product owner is responsible for the team’s product backlog refinement meeting. Scrum is one of the more popular agile methodologies that teams use to develop, deliver, and sustain complex products.

Large-Scale Scrum

LeSS is just one of the Agile methods that large companies can use for effective development. Prominent among the others are Scaled Agile Framework and Disciplined Agile . If you intend to adopt LeSS Huge, the recommendation is to start with LeSS Basic. This enables you to see how suitable this Agile framework will be for you.

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The LeSS Company defines 10 principles for applying scrum in an organization. These help to develop responsible teams that are customer-oriented and collaborate intensively. The full list of principles behind scrum is mentioned below. That allows an organization to build experience with LeSS on a smaller scale and get management support before scaling it up across the organization.

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This method also helps companies to apply their existing agile framework to a larger project or to an entire product portfolio. Bas Vodde andCraig Larmanevolved the LeSS framework from their experiences working with large-scale product development, especially in the telecoms and finance industries. It evolved by taking Scrum and trying many different experiments to discover what works. In 2013, the experiments were solidified into the LeSS framework rules. The intention of LeSS is to ‘descale’ organization complexity, dissolving unnecessary complex organizational solutions, and solving them in simpler ways.

large-scale scrum (LeSS)

The LeSS framework has 10 principles that it lives by. The principles teach you how to apply Large Scale Scrum and assist in decision-making throughout https://globalcloudteam.com/ the process. A Sprint is a 1-4-week period during which a small Scrum team collaborates to improve their product with the addition of new features.


LeSS also discusses the manager’s role and how they can help the team remove barriers to continuous improvement and autonomy. Yet another approach for scaling agile development at a larger company is Disciplined Agile , also called Disciplined Agile Delivery . Whereas LeSS is a process-driven approach, DA focuses on broad goals and outcomes, and it is designed to simplify decision-making for larger teams. Experts describe DA as a hybrid agile framework that can help an enterprise-scale its agile approach. One of the ways LeSS differs is that it strives to simplify organizational structure by remaining flexible.

  • Through a series of concurrent sprint executions, PBR sessions broaden sprint planning across all areas of focus.
  • The area product owner specializes in customer-focused tasks and acts as product owner for product-focused feature teams.
  • Basic Scrum knowledge is expected and can be achieved by attending aCertified ScrumMaster® offering.
  • CoPs provide a place and structure to focus on knowledge sharing and ways of working.
  • Scrum teams or Feature teams do the actual work of developing the product during Sprints.

Certificate Data Product Manager Certification Course Become a Certified Data Product Manager. The Data Product Manager Certification Course solves the core need of a PM by helping them gain data fluency. Certificate Product Owner Certification Course Become a Certified Product Owner. Product leaders recommend implementing LeSS in small increments by starting off with introducing standard Scrum rules first and then building on them to suit the size of your organization. LeSS has a simple framework with fewer people needed to deliver a final product.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

Youtube Video Introduction of LeSS Framework – Introduction to the LeSS Frameworks. LeSS can help you optimize your organization for adaptability and customer value. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Teams work directly with customers and business stakeholders.

large-scale scrum (LeSS)

It is his or her responsibility to bridge the gap between business goals and the technical teams’ work. External coaches, rather than full-time employees, can be hired to coordinate the various groups. SAFe is perfect when there are large What is LESS corporate structures since it fully defines the organization structure. One of the key events described in scrum is the Product Backlog Refinement meeting. During these meetings, the sprint planning is expanded across the focus areas.

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The fundamental focus of LeSS is not to create a new framework, but instead, apply Scrum principles to many teams. The Product Owner is not required to act as a proxy. Special coordination roles such as Project Managers are avoided, teams are responsible for the coordination themselves. Functional departments should be eliminated, as matrix causes conflict of loyalties that destroy teams shared responsibility and cohesion. Having one department responsible for the improvement is the best way to kill the engagement of teams. LeSS – the traditional LeSS framework aims at supporting organisations with eight teams or fewer, each of which includes up to eight people.

large-scale scrum (LeSS)

The sprint planning ceremony is important, but the sprint review, retrospective, and sprint plan are essential ceremonies. They allow teams to look at what they have built and delivered and discuss improvements and new ideas. The sprint review and retrospective are also a chance for teams to recognize the customer value delivered. Each team has an opportunity to inspect and adapt through retrospectives. A retrospective also focuses on how the team collaborated and coordinated.

LeSS vs SAFe

The original Scrum method was developed for small independent teams. One way of using the same approach for larger and multiple teams is called Large Scale Scrum . This also reduces the risk of a misguided development. LeSS builds on Scrum to support its use in a larger context and to scale it across larger organizations and beyond the one team. It makes sense to introduce SCRUM first and then switch to LeSS.